A beautiful smile at your fingertips

We cordially invite all those who wish to have a phenomenal smile and improve the quality of life to the World Dental medical center, you will certainly feel comfortable, because our team will take care of your teeth, health and beauty at the highest level.

We specialize in medical tourism

By combining the latest technologies of computer smile design with the enormous knowledge of doctors and our specialists, we meet the expectations of our foreign patients.
We provide a full range of services in the fields of conservative dentistry, periodontics, surgery, implantology, dental prosthetics, orthodontics as well as cosmetic dentistry.

We have our own World Dental Technique laboratory

We specialize in implant prosthetics and digital dentistry, computerized smile design in CAD-CAM technology. Contemporary cosmetic dentistry has more and more specialized solutions, the task of which is to meet the constantly growing requirements of patients in the field of aesthetics of prosthetic restorations.  New  innowation computer technologies that has revolutionized the world of dentistry is the use of CAD / CAM systems, i.e. computer aided design and milling of full-zirconia prosthetic restorations. 

We have well equipped dental offices.

We use the most modern equipment.

Our dental offices are perfectly equipped, comfortable and adapted to the needs of the most demanding patients. We have modern dental units, physiodispensers for implantological procedures, piezosurgery, centrifuge for platelet - rich plasma.x-ray imaging diagnostics. We work with great precision in dental loupes, we use the most modern materials and German PREMIUM implants by BEGO company.

Our address:

Bronowska Street 5a